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This stately old structure was built in 1910 by a family named Newkirk. They raised their family there, and after the death of Mr. and Mrs. Newkirk in 1967, the house was put up for sale. For the next twenty-odd years it served as several small businesses, including a restaurant named, "The Texas White House".

The current owners, Grover and Jamie McMains, purchased the house in 1994. It remained closed for two years while the McMains converted it into a luxurious bed and breakfast. From all accounts, they are consummate hosts, advertising champaign bubble baths and carriage rides available to their guests. "Whatever you can conjure up, we can do it," McMains told the TCU Daily Skiff newspaper. It sounds like the perfect romantic getaway!

Along with the history and amenities of the B&B, an extra treat is a ghost that seems to make an occasional visit to the Lone Star room. With its claw-foot tub, parson's bench sitting area, triple armoire, and a plush queen-sized bed, the room is an extravagant stopover for the hotel guests. A few people have experienced the spirit of a man in the room during the night, though, even though when the lights are snapped on there's no one there. One female guest felt a "presence" moving around the room.

Although the spirit is quite benevolent, the Newkirks do not advertise their bed & breakfast as being haunted, although they have talked about the ghostly experiences to the press. While we've never stayed at the Texas White House, it's a place we'd love to visit. Maybe to experience their ghost, but definitely for a romantic evening at Fort Worth's friendliest bed & breakfast.

Contact Information:
The Texas White House
Bed & Breakfast
1417 Eighth Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76104

Phone: (817) 923-3597
Toll Free: (800) 279-6491
FAX: (817) 923-0410

Ghost in My Suitcase is sponsored by the Haunted Shirt Club...
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