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When we arrived in Savannah, Georgia, we asked around for one of the best places in town to eat. We received several referrals to this place - The Pirate's House. Not only did we hear that the food was incredible, but a few people said that it had a ghost story or two associated with the place.

If you look at the historic district of Savannah as a north/south grid, The Pirate's House is on the upper right corner. It's located on 20 East Broad St, and if you need directions, just call (912) 233-5757. We found it with no problem at all, and were seated immediately at an intimate little table in one of the smaller rooms. The atmosphere couldn't have been more perfect.

The menu gave us some tough choices, because everything sounded delicious, but we finally placed our order with the waitress. We then asked her about the ghost stories in the place, and she regaled us with her own experiences for several minutes. She was very personable, and willing to talk about the supernatural occurrences that took place at the restaurant.

Before she left to turn in our order, she gave us permission to roam through some of the areas in the building that were closed until dinner. This dining room was one of them, and since it was empty, we had the chance to spend a few minutes there and just soak up the atmosphere.

The restaurant got its name from the fact that in Savannah's past, it was the popular hang-out for the pirates who sailed the coastline. The history of the building is steeped in the lore of those notorious days.

Our waitress had pointed us to one particular staircase that led up to a storage room where a particularly "spirited" ghost dwelled. His footsteps have apparently been heard many times as diners enjoyed a meal in the room below, and the staff has experienced items from the storage shelves flying across the room when they entered.

Of course, we had to check it out, but the unruly spirit of the sea-captain was quiet that afternoon. The room did have a very "tingly" feel to it, though, as if there were some supernatural presence there.

While exploring the restaurant, one fascinating - but eerie - place was a set of stairs leading into some unseen tunnel below the restaurant. The plaque placed at the top of the stairs probably explains the location best:

"According to Legend, this stairway at one time led to the entrance of a tunnel which ran from the old rum cellar beneath the Pirate's House to the banks of the Savannah River, a short block away. 'Tis said that many able-bodied men, drinking in carefree abandon in what is now our Captain's Room, were carried, drugged and unconscious, through the tunnel to sailing ships anchored in the harbor and were shanghaied by short-handed ships' masters to complete their crews."

As the story goes, Robert Louis Stevenson's book "Treasure Island" has some of its action taking place at The Pirate's House, so rare pages from the book are on display in one of the rooms. After our exploration we had no doubt that it was haunted, but we also felt a sense of awe, walking those corridors that had been paced by some of our country's most notorious pirates.

We finally sat down to our meal, and I have to say that it was probably one of the best in Savannah. We relished every bite, and made a mental note to recommend the place to all of our friends who come to the city for a visit. Delicious meals and intriguing ghost stories - how can you beat an experience like that?

Ghost in My Suitcase is sponsored by the Haunted Shirt Club...
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