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We've heard three stories about this graveyard, and while the first one sounds exactly like an Urban Legend, the other two are certainly interesting. Here are the three stories that we've heard:

  1. A man with the surname of "Smiley" slaughtered his entire family and then killed himself. If you lay on his grave at midnight on Halloween, it is difficult to get back up. This smacks of high school folklore, although we can't find anyone native to the area who's heard the tale - it simply showed up on the Internet.
  2. The man named Smiley was killed in a shootout in which his family was also killed. This would explain the fact that the father, mother and three daughters all had the same date of death. Because of the agony of his family being murdered, the husband walks through the cemetery at night.
  3. A man named Smiley and his entire family were killed by a tornado that tore through their home. Again, the death of the entire family could certainly be explained by this. While his family seems to be at rest, however, he does not.

With a little research, we discovered that on May 9, 1927, a tornado destroyed much of the city of Garland and killed seventeen people, including a former Garland city mayor, S. E. Nicholson. That would explain the consecutive deaths of the family members.

Even if a spirit does wander Mills Cemetery, there's no indication that it belongs to anyone in this family. Without any further information, we'll have to conclude that this may be one of those places to visit a few more times to see what's going on.

No matter what the truth is, here is a grave marker for the family in the cemetery.


Mother: Belle Hall, born October 30, 1890
Father: Chas Oscar, born March 17, 1890
Lilath Merle, born June 20, 1914
Gretta May, born December 27, 1915
Charlena, born February 9, 1927

All Died May 9, 1927

Ghost in My Suitcase is sponsored by the Haunted Shirt Club...
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