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This beautiful Greek Revival mansion located in Natchez, Mississippi, was built by Thomas Henderson in 1858. Mr. Henderson was a merchant, planter, and an elder in the First Presbyterian Church.

It was also one of the last great mansions to have been built in Natchez before the outbreak of the Civil War. It did not escape that conflict - shelling by the Union gunboat Essex damaged the home. In fact, a cannonball landed in the kitchen.

Thomas Henderson had a stroke before the Civil War ended; he was confined to bed in the guest bedroom downstairs, where he eventually died.

Purchased by Garden Club in 1984, the downstairs rooms are furnished with period antiques, while the upstairs floor contains the only historic clothing museum in Natchez. The Natchez ghost walk reports that the house manager was closing up one evening, locking the door, when she felt something staring at her. She turned to see a "great shouldered, shadowy figure" standing at the top of the stairs.

Back in the bedroom where Mr. Henderson passed away, housekeepers would find indentations in the bed that had been made earlier in the day. It kept happening until the house manager insisted on taking on the task herself - but the same thing happened to her.

A paranormal investigation group came in to check the place out one evening. Six of them were standing in Henderson's bedroom, and one asked, "Did anyone die in here?" Suddenly, the outside shutters began banging. During the investigation, the light in the main parlor flipped on and off three times, and the piano started banging as if someone was pounding the keys. Another investigator sat on Henderson's bed and played the guitar to try to bring out his spirit; his friends were videotaping it, and when the tape was played back, there was a purple ball of light dancing over his head the entire time.

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