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In the town of Los Lunas, New Mexico, not far from Albuquerque, is the Luna Mansion Restaurant. The mansion was originally built in 1881 by Don Antonio Jose Luna, supposedly inspired by many of the southern plantation homes that Don Antonio saw on his trips across the Deep South. Don Antonio died the year that the house was completed, so possesion of Luna Mansion fell to his son, Don Tranquilino. It was thereafter passed down through the family and reached its heydey between 1900 and 1920, when Don Eduardo Otero and his wife Josefita Manderfield Otera took over the home.
We arrived, and were greeted by the restaurant's owner. There was a short wait for seating, so he suggested that we have a seat in the upstairs bar for a few minutes. Before climbing the stairs, we asked about the ghosts we'd heard about, and he just smiled and said that he'd be up to talk to us in a few minutes. We ordered a drink, and sure enough, he was good to his word. When he showed up, talked about the spirits of Luna Mansion for some time, and he told us many good tales. This photo is of our friends Ron and Kathy, who accompanied us for the evening.
One of these stories was concerning this particular rocker, which sits at the top of the stairs. The spectral figure of a woman has been seen sitting in this chair, rocking slowly, as if she was taking a leisurely break - when one employee approached the figure, she stood up, then slowly vanished. The spirit has been seen many places in the restaurant, and many believe that it is Josefita, who still visits her old home.
We also spent some time talking to one of the upstairs waitresses, who related a couple of occurrances. One evening she saw a man sitting on one of the sofas, as if he was waiting to be served. He was dressed in attire from many decades ago, and didn't seem to be complaining about the fact that no one was waiting on him. The waitress asked one of the other staff members why the man hadn't been served, and the other person said, "What man?" When the waitress looked over to the couch, the man just faded away.
The stairway that leads from the front door up to the second floor is a favorite place for Josefita. She walks up and down the stairs, and has been seen by employees and patrons alike. The owner told us that the last time he had seen her had been just three days before we visited, when she walked across the downstairs dining room as if she owned the place - and she may once have! He said that sightings have become so commonplace that he doesn't think anything about it anymore.
Instead of waiting, we decided to eat dinner upstairs. Even with exploratory trips around the restaurant, though, we never ran across Josefita or any of the other ghosts that are so often seen at Luna Mansion. After visiting with the staff, though, we have absolutely no doubt that they see the spirits regularly. On a return trip to Albuquerque, maybe we will, too!

Luna Mansion
"Inexpensive dining in a casual but elegant atmosphere. 'We only look expensive.'
Prime Rib, Steak, Seafood, New Mexican Specialties, Homestyle Meals, Full Bar Facilities."

P.O. Box 789
Los Lunas, NM 87031

(505) 865-7333

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