Come along on a
ghostly journey...

There have been many sightings over the years of a beautiful lady attired in a lacy, white dress that walks along the 17-mile drive area of Pebble Beach, specifically in the area of Pescadero Point (photo below) and the Ghost Tree (pictured on the left). She is usually seen on dark, foggy nights, and has alarmed many a motorist who has swerved to miss her.

One of the most famous sightings was in 1980, when a couple was sitting out at Pescadero Point on a clear night, watching the moon reflecting in the waves. At 2:00 AM, they saw a lady in a white dress walking from the road down toward the shore. Since the night was clear, they could see her features clearly, and thought that she had a very sad expression on her face. Her head was bowed down a little, and she seemed to be wandering aimlessly. The couple had never heard of the "Lady in Lace", and noted that the dress she was wearing could have been a wedding gown. She seemed to disappear, and when the couple made inquiries the next day, people just smiled and told them the story of the "Lady in Lace of Pebble Beach".

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