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A visit to the Irma Hotel in Cody, Wyoming

The Irma Hotel was built in 1902 by Buffalo Bill Cody, who founded the town of Cody in 1895. He called it, "just the sweetest hotel that ever was." Buffalo Bill maintained two suites and an office at the hotel for his own personal use.

The Irma is listed on the National Register of Historic Places by the National Park Service. The main dining area contains a famous cherrywood bar dates back to the period of construction. A northwest addition was constructed in 1929, and a southwest addition in 1977.

We requested one of the old, original rooms just to get the feel of the hotel - and we suggest that you do the same. The new rooms look, well, new. Besides, the older part of the hotel is where most of the ghost stories come from.

We'd booked the Colonel Cody suite, which not only had roof-patio access, but also was Buffalo Bill's favorite room. It had a bedroom and an adjoining sitting room with a skylight.

As soon as we walked into the room, Tami felt something very strange - and a little antagonistic - in the room. She quickly pronounced that she couldn't stay there, but since it was the best room in the hotel, Mitchel convinced her that everything would be okay. Little did he know!

After stowing our bags in the room, we decided to explore the hotel. Mitchel is standing at the top of the stairs in the old part of the Irma. If you go there, be sure to request that you have one of the original hotel rooms. Who knows - Buffalo Bill might have stood in this very spot! While we were out, we went in search of ghost stories from the hotel staff.
One of the stories that we were told was about this particular hallway. It passed by our room, continued on beside it, and was the center of a lot of strange activity. Guests report footstpes in the hall when no one is there, knockings on the wall in the middle of the night, and other mysterious sounds. Whenever a guest that is particularly bothered by the hallway noise and opens their door, the hallway is empty.
The sun was going down, so we walked out onto our private porch to take a look at the town. If you look back at the hotel photos on the top of this page, we're right above the front porch! It was great. We knew that we wanted to sit out on the picnic table that evening and just watch the town, so we went back inside the room to grab a shower.

Mitchel's shower was fine, but when Tami took hers the cold water was turned off suddenly, sending scalding water down on her. Even though we'd heard about pissed-off ghosts doing that kind of thing, we were still willing to write it off as old pipes in the hotel.

The more that we stayed in the room, the more uncomfortable Tami felt. She was convinced that there was something in the room that didn't want her there. After wavering about requesting a different room, we decided to take advantage of the balcony and watch the town of Cody shut down. We took a bottle of wine outside, with a couple of plastic wine glasses, and took a position out at the corner overlooking the hotel entrance. From our vantage point, we could see pretty much everything in the downtown area. This photo is Tami waving at one of the passers-by.

As we sat there, though, something really wierd happened to Tami. It was hands-down, the strangest thing that we've ever seen...

As we sat on the picnic table watching the town and sipping wine, something LITERALLY slapped the glass out of Tami's hand. She didn't drop it, toss it, etc. Whatever it was forcibly hit her hand and the glass. The plastic wine glass went skidding across the balcony, wine spilled on both of us, and we sat there wide-eyed and wondering what to do!

Tami was read to change rooms, if not hotels, because she was convinced that whatever spirit was there with us didn't like her one little bit. Mitchel, on the other hand, had not felt or seen anything up to that point.

As a final attempt to be able to stay in the room, Mitchel tried something a little off-the-cuff. Be forewarned, this may sound a little hokey. What he did, however, was to walk back into the room and address the spirit. He told the entity that we were only guests there, and didn't want to intrude, and that we'd like to spend the remainder of the night in peace.

By the end of the evening, whatever visitor that we'd had in the room was long gone. We weren't sure whether Mitchel's request settled down the spirit, or if it just moved on from the room to visit some of the other guests. We had a peaceful night's sleep, woke up refreshed, and headed back to Yellowstone.

The Irma Hotel
1192 Sheridan Ave.
Cody, WY 82414

Phone: 307.587.4221


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