The Grove, named for the grove of Native Pecan trees that surround the house, has been said to be one of the most haunted locations in the Lone Star State. The ghost stories go back over 100 years at this 1861 home, and the first indication that something odd might be happening there was in 1882 when a man named T.C. Burks purchased the home. He moved his family in, and had left within a month’s time; the only explanation was, “We can’t live there…”

Prominent spirits are a lady in a white dress that always takes the same path through the house when she appears, a man in the garden who is often seen striding through the Lily beds as if late for an appointment, and a mischievous entity in the den that seems to be particular fond of the ladies.

The house is a tour home in the pineywoods of Jefferson, Texas, that can be visited by the public. More information is available on the website:

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