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Duff Green Mansion, a tour home and elegant bed&breakfast, stands majestically on First East Street in Vicksburg, Mississippi. The home was constructed in 1856 by local businessman Duff Green for his new wife Mary Lake Green, and features a huge ballroom and dining room, and was known to be the site of many extravagant parties for the elite of pre-war Vicksburg.

When the fighting in the Civil War turned to Vicksburg, the Greens made a prudent decision to offer their beloved home as a hospital. The Union wounded were kept on the top floor, the Confederate solders were on the main floor, and the basement was used for an Emergency Room and Surgery. Because of the bloody battle, the house was filled with soldiers from both sides, and some of the blood stains are still on the floors today (see the circled area in the photo).

Because there wasn't time, knowledge, or tools to save limbs during surgery, amputation was very common. One basement room was used for that purpose, and because Duff Green Mansion was built on a hill it had a window that was above ground. As the story goes, amputated limbs were tossed out of the window to be taken and buried later, and often there were piles of arms and legs that were man feet tall before they were taken away. When the current owners were remodeling in the 1980's, they reportedly found several skeletal limbs buried just below the surface of the ground under that window - they called the police, who had the local funeral home inter the civil war era bones. Visitors to the home that have a medical background often back out of the room, siting the smell of ether and other medical smells, even though no one else can pick up that scent.

In an adjoining room downstairs, guests of the Bed & Breakfast sleeping in the Dixie room sometimes wake up to see a Confederate soldier either standing by the mantle, or rocking in a chair. He's missing one leg, so apparently he's been a guest of the hospital at some point.

There are no "bad" things that happen at Duff Green - simply the memories of a time in its history that sometimes resurface in our world. The haunting has been well-documented, and more can be found at local TV station WJTV's website.

Duff Green Mansion
B&B and Tour Home
1114 First East Street
Vicksburg MS 39180
Voice :(601)636-6968

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