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The Catfish Plantation Restaurant is in Waxahachie, Texas, about 35 miles south of Dallas on Interstate 35. This quaint, Victorian house was built in 1895 by a farmer named Anderson. It has a large, front porch (now enclosed), a large bay window, and a big front yard with a white picket fence. The house was used as a private residence until 1970, until it was converted to a doctor's office. Following that a few unsuccessful restaurants used the house, before it was purchased by Tom and Melissa Baker - they were completely unaware of the ghosts that lived there. The restaurant serves wonderful food, featuring catfish that can be ordered fried, blackened, or baked. The hush puppies are especially good, and we enjoyed the green beans on our visit there.

The new owners noticed paranormal activity immediately. Melissa came in one morning to find the large stainless iced tea urn in the center of the kitchen floor, with coffee cups stacked inside. On another morning, a pot of coffee was freshly brewed in the kitchen when she unlocked the front door. During the time that both of these things occurred, Melissa was the only person with a key.

Objects in the restaurant moved around by themselves, clocks reset themselves to different times, mysterious noises were heard, and visitors were starting to report strange phenomenon. Witnesses to these events included the restaurant's customers, employees, and even local police officers.

One of the ghosts is a man named "Will", a depression-era farmer that died in the house in the 1930's. He basically just stays in the area of the old front porch, which has now been enclosed as the entry to the restaurant. Will may be responsible for some of the cold spots in the restaurant, however, and some of the other phenomena that occurs: doors locking and unlocking by themselves, radios changing stations, and so forth. Officers from the Waxahachie Police force have approached the restaurant and seen a man dressed in overalls standing on the porch. As they walked toward him, the mysterious fellow vanished into the shadows.

This photo shows the front porch from one of the dining rooms.

Caroline is the most active spirit at the Catfish Plantation, and she doesn't seem to be pleased with all the strangers who are continually passing through the house. She is described as a woman who lived with her husband and family in the house from 1953 until 1970. According to psychics that have visited the house, Caroline died at the age of 80, but doesn't know that she is actually diseased. She is most often present in the kitchen, which lies though the door of this particular dining room, but does venture out to interact with the guests occasionally.

Another ghost, Elizabeth Anderson - the daughter of the farmer who built the house, is most often seen in her wedding dress. She was strangled in the house on the day of her wedding, around 1920, in the area that is now the ladies' restroom. The murder was reportedly committed by her ex-boyfriend, or an old girlfriend of her husband-to-be.

Elizabeth's presence can be detected by the scent of roses, cold spots, or her spectral appearance. She likes to materialize by the bay window shown at the far right of this photo, looking out toward downtown Waxahachie. She also likes to reach out and touch the diners in this room.

On our visit to the Catfish Plantation, we didn't see any spirits, experience any cold spots, or witness any supernatural phenomena. It was a lot of fun to explore, though, and the food was OUTSTANDING! We'll definitely be back, and maybe get a chance to see Elizabeth, Caroline or Will.

The Catfish Plantation / 814 Water Street at Gibson Street / Waxahachie, TX / 972.937.9468

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