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The Carmel Mission is the second in the chain of California missions. It was founded in 1770 by Father Junipero Serra, and was the headquarters of the entire mission system in California. From here, Father Serra founded nine missions in all before he died in 1784.

A family had a chilling experience in this courtyard in front of the mission back in 1978. They were exploring the garden with their pet dog following along, and suddenly heard clicking noises coming toward them. It sounded like an animal's nails on the pavement, but there was nothing there. The clicking continued to get louder and louder, and the dog begin to whimper and cower. The family decided that it was time to return to their car, and the clicking followed. Once inside the car, the dog found its bravery and began to bark feriouciously.
There was no explanation as to what happeneed, but an aged priest is known to have kept a pet dog at the mission. This may explain the family's incident, and why the howling of a dog is sometimes heard in the courtyard late at night.

This is the interior of the mission. Back in the 1930's, a new roof was being installed on the mission and since this mission is a functioning church, a small substitute chapel was used (in an area that is now the museum library). During the construction, the priest noticed that every morning or so six long candles in the substitute chapel were burned down to the base. After repeatedly replacing the candles, he chastised the construction foreman for not making sure that the candles were out and the doors were locked. The foreman assured him that the building was properly shut down, but the priest continued to find the candles burned down. To solve the mystery, the priest and the foreman shut down the chapel together, locked the door, then hid themselves to see who might be coming in to re-light the candles. As they waited, they saw the candles suddenly flare through the window. Although no one had entered the chapel, the pair rushed in to find the room empty.

Numerous people have seen the spectral figure of Father Serra walking through the courtyard, with only a candle to guide him, and in fact, he has been spotted inside the chapel on many New Year's Night mass. The ghost of a young Indian boy has also been seen inside the mission.
There is a graveyard beside the mission where many of the padres are buried - and in the few square feet allotted for each, thousands of Indians are interred here.

Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo
3080 Rio Road
Carmel, CA 93923
(408) 624-3600

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