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Up to seven different spirits have been documented at the Baldwin House Restaurant in Vicksburg, Mississippi, but there are three that are most common: Aunt Gurtrude, the Funeral Lady, and Uncle Charley.

Aunt Gurtrude lived on the 2nd floor in the 1920's - she has been seen standing at the top of the stairs, and can be heard walking across the wooden 2nd floor when no one is upstairs. No one knows why, but she won't come downstairs.

The funeral lady is a woman dressed in black, old-fashioned clothes. The most dramatic appearance of the funeral lady happened when a waiter answered a knock on the door to find the lady standing there. He thought that she must be a part of one of the local tour homes or something similar because of her period costume. He brought her in to show her a table, and although she had walked in behind him, when he turned around she was gone.

Uncle Charley reportedly rented a back room in the house, and is usually seen outside, sometimes looking in through a window.

A very strange sighting has been that of many Confederate soldiers milling around in front of the house. It is so pronounced, in fact, that when the staff looked outside one day and saw they group, they naturally assumed that the group was reinactors who were about to come in and eat. They quickly set about dashing around to prepare for such a huge group, then looked out to see them marching away - through one downstairs corner of the building, and off to the back of the Pemberton House, where they faded away. That's where General Pimbertown headquartered, and these are possibly his troops making a familiar journey to bivouac there.

All those wonderful ghost stories, and the food is terrific, too!

Baldwin House
1022 Crawford St
Vicksburg, MS 39180

Ghost in My Suitcase is sponsored by the Haunted Shirt Club...
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