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We stumbled across the 1837 Bed & Breakfast quite by accident. We had booked a room at a "country inn" that was only ten minutes from The Battery in Charleston, but it turned out to not be what we'd expected. It was a good 30 minutes away, and was less of a country inn and more of a cheap motel. We were heartbroken that we were spending our time in Charleston in such a place, but we did book the reservations in advance, as deceptive as the place had been to us. When the police raided the motel at 3AM that first night (yes, that really happened), we figured that we had cause to break our reservation for the remaining three nights.

In searching for a place to stay we found the 1837 Bed & Breakfast, and thankfully they had one room available. The B&B building was constructed in the early 1800s, and is a three-story Federal-style single house accompanied by a two-story carriage/kitchen house. We checked into Room 101 in the Carriage House, and were delighted with the accommodations. The room where we stayed was incredible, as you can see from the photo. After the previous night at the motel from hell, we thought that we had died and gone to heaven at the 1837 Bed & Breakfast.

After waking from a restful sleep the next morning, we walked down the palatial porch and then inside to eat breakfast, and introduced ourselves to several of the other guests who were already seated. At one point someone started asking if anyone had experienced anything supernatural, which of course caught my attention. I asked, "So, does this place have ghost stories?" Several people nodded, and began to regale us with things that they had heard.

One account the ghost stories appeared in the Charleston City Paper on October 24, 2012, written by Ford Dyas. To quote the article, "Guests and employees have reported seeing a little boy playing around the halls, to vanish shortly after. George, as the employees there have affectionately named him, was said to have been a slave boy of the house whose parents were sold to a family in Virginia. After stealing a rowboat, George attempted to chase after the slave ship his parents were on, but tragically flipped his boat and drowned in the Charleston Harbor. The bed and breakfast was supposedly the last place George was with his parents. In rooms 2-2 and 3-1, guests and employees have said they were shaken from their beds by George or were startled by the sight of the bathroom door repeatedly slamming shut. But staff assure us there's no need to worry. Apparently even Casper can't beat George for friendliness."

We loved our stay at the 1837 Bed & Breakfast, with its delicious breakfast, and we'll definitely be back... and maybe next time, we'll get to experience George!

1837 Bed & Breakfast 126 Wentworth St
Charleston, SC 29401
(843) 723-7166

Ghost in My Suitcase is sponsored by the Haunted Shirt Club...
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