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In Ghosts of North Texas you'll read the true accounts of:

  • The spirit of a young girl who appears to visitors at bed & breakfast and instructs them in the proper dress for a time long ago...
  • A gunfighter's ghost who walks the hallways of a historic old hotel...
  • The grieving spirit of a lady of the evening who haunts the building that once was a notorious bordello...
  • A dark man who appears to the partying patrons of a nightclub in the wee morning hours...
...and many, many more! These aren't campfire ghost stories, but are true accounts of hauntings at locations in North Texas that you can visit. But even if you live on the other side of the globe, you'll enjoy the author's accounts of each place, and interviews with the very people who have heard, felt, and seen the spirits. You're going to LOVE Ghosts of North Texas!

This book is a fun read, packed with real stories of haunted places. To order a signed copy of this book, click on the CCNow logo for a secure ordering link. You'll be reading about the ghostly young ladies of the Baroness Inn in only a few days!

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Just read what the pros are saying about Ghosts of North Texas:

"Mitchel Whitington’s Ghosts of North Texas is as entertaining as it is informative. The author's humor and easy-going demeanor are as evident as his knowledge of history as he takes us through his many haunted locations and allows us to sit in on interviews of first hand witnesses.

As a ghost hunter, it is necessary for me know the history and background of a place as well as to be current on reports of unexplained happenings. The author has done my homework for me. I am eager to follow in his footsteps and investigate some of these North Texas locations myself. Many places that report spirit activity are common to most ghost hunters. This book tells of some haunted sites he has investigated that were unknown to me. I am anxious to share these with the members of my paranormal group.

Ghosts of North Texas is an informative and pleasant read. It will no doubt be valuable to the seasoned Paranormal Investigator as well as the beginning ghost hunter."

- Toni Moore, founder, Pineywoods Paranormal Investigation Group

New places, fresh outlook, great stories. All of this combined makes Mitchel Whitington’s new book Ghosts of North Texas an interesting, entertaining read. Not the standard "haunted places" book that I'm used to! My group needs to check these places out!

- Vicki Isaacks, co-founder, Metroplex Paranormal Investigations

You won't want to turn out the lights! Ghosts of North Texas is a page-turner that is hauntingly entertaining. Mr. Whitington doesn't just tell you a story about history; he takes you with him on his travels to haunted locations in Texas. Topped off with his witty humor and photographs, these intriguing tales make this a book you don't want to put down.

Go ahead and pack your bags! You'll be ready to hit the road when you read Ghosts of North Texas. Travel to ghostly parlors and spirit-filled halls with Mitchel Whitington as he escorts you through some of Texas' mysterious wonders. These tales of ghosts and haunted history intrigue the reader to explore what may be around the next bend in the road. Meet colorful residents alive and dead who call Texas home!

Tall Texas ghost tales? You decide! Travel with the author as you discover the history that brings Ghosts of North Texas alive. Gifted storytelling and witty humor makes these haunted tales stand out from the rest. This book will entice the reader to plan his own trip to visit the haunted relics of Texas' colorful past. We enjoyed the ride!

As paranormal investigators, you can bet we thought we'd heard it all. The author's book combines real people interviews, intriguing haunted Texas history and mysterious ghost tales to prove otherwise! We've been inspired to beat the Texas heat with these chilling ghost tales and we're planning our next road trip.

Filled with lots of southern down home flavor and spice, Mitchel Whitington spoons out tasty Texas history and colorful ghostly tales as told by the residents of this state. As we read Ghosts of North Texas, we knew we'd be packing our bags for yet another road trip. We want another helping!

- Chris & Ginger Pennell, founders, Spring Spirit Seekers Paranormal Investigative Group

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